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Net Metering Rates

Consumption of energy for net metering customers will be measured on a monthly basis and billed at the applicable seasonal tiered rate. Excess energy produced and delivered to the utility will be credited based on the Net Metering Credits table at the bottom of the page.

Monthly Residential Electric Rates
includes PILOT - payment in lieu of taxes
Fixed Charge, per month $6.16 $6.16
Usage Charge, per kWh
First 500 kWh, per kWh
9.582¢ 9.031¢
Next 500 kWh, per kWh
11.448¢ 9.487¢
All additional kWh
15.158¢ 10.494¢
Energy Rate Codes:  E100, A100*, B100*

Effective on meter readings on or after Jan. 1, 2018

*Codes beginning with the letter 'A' or 'B' represent annexed areas where additional Rural Electric Association (REA) service-rights fees apply. A fee equal to 5 percent is added to 'A' rates and a 25 percent fee is added to 'B' rates.

Actual charges may vary due to rounding.
Net Metering Credits  
Distribution facilities credit Per kWh 2.57¢
Energy and demand credit Per kWh 6.47¢
Total Per kWh 9.04¢


Fort Collins Municipal Code Sec. 26-464,5.