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XIP Program Materials

The following documents are essential components of the Xeriscape Incentive Program. Please read them over and keep them in mind as you work towards completing the program.

Design Package Materials

  • Design Proposal
  • Completed Participant Plant List - see last tab of the XIP-Approved Plant List above
  • Landscape plan, irrigation plan, photos - see Rules and Requirements document above for details

Rebate Application Materials

  • Final Rebate Form - not available until inspection
  • Notarized Soil Amendment Certificate* (PDF 48KB) - see Rules and Requirements above for details
  • W9 Form**
  • Copies of project receipts

Staff Documents (for reference only)

*City of Fort Collins' Ordinance 084, 2003 requires the addition of a soil amendment in areas that are cleared and planned to hold plants and grass. Click here for more details.

**W9 and Tax Information
Payments provided by utilities (including Fort Collins Utilities) to Participants for the purchase or installation of water conservation measures may in some circumstances be considered as (partially) taxable income by the IRS. Participants or their assigns receiving incentive payments totaling $600 or more during a program year and who are not organized as a corporation will receive a 1099-MISC from Fort Collins Utilities in January or February of the subsequent year. Participant, or alternate payment recipient, may wish to consult a tax advisor on this matter.