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Sprinkler System Requirements

  • Maximum design flow for residential systems on a 5/8" by 3/4" service and meter should not exceed 10 gallons per minute (gpm). Higher flows can damage the meter. Contact Utilities for information on flows for larger meters.
  • All new sprinkler system installations must have a sprinkler permit from the city Building Inspection Department.
  • Fort Collins Utilities tests backflow preventers installed by homeowners at the time of installation.
  • Sprinkler systems that use compressed air to purge the system cannot have air-injection ports larger than 1/4" in diameter upstream of the backflow preventer. Larger connections can be installed downstream of the assembly.
  • Manufacturers of backflow preventers do not recommend blowing out a home sprinkler system through the backflow preventer, as this could cause damage.
  • The Cross-Connection Control Manual (PDF 626KB) describes backflow prevention requirements in detail. Download the free, 43-page manual or contact Utilities for more information.
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