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Energy Tips

Always use a permanent "duct mastic" material-not duck tape-for sealing attic ductwork and crawl spaces.

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Colorado Affordable Residential Energy Program

Lower Your Energy Bill for Free

Lower Your Energy Bill for Free

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Long's Peak Energy Conservation (LPEC) now offers the Colorado Affordable Residential Energy (CARE) program in Fort Collins for income-qualified Utilities electric customers.

Through this program, all homes receive:

  • an energy audit
  • LED light bulbs
  • low-flow shower heads
  • a programmable thermostat

Additional work may include:

  • increasing insulation levels
  • air sealing
  • furnace tune up and check
  • refrigerator replacement
  • furnace replacement

Not all properties qualify for all of the improvements listed above. Any improvements that are eligible for installation will be completed at no cost to you.

For more information or to apply: