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Utilities Customer Satisfaction Survey

In good times and bad, Fort Collins Utilities strives to provide world-class services. Even amid the challenges surrounding the coronavirus COVID-19, we seek to continually improve and request feedback from residential electric and water customers about their experiences and the quality of services they receive.

Fort Collins Utilities has contracted with J.D. Power, an independent market research company, to conduct residential electric and water customer satisfaction surveys in 2020.

The electric and water/wastewater surveys will be emailed in waves throughout the year. Customers will receive the survey in one wave or the other. If you receive both electric and water/wastewater services, you can expect to receive two surveys. 

  • Electric wave 1: April/May
  • Water wave 1: June/July
  • Electric wave 2: October/November
  • Water wave 2: October/November

The survey will take only about 15-20 minutes. You can leave the survey and return where you left off. To ensure answers are secure, there is a 10-minute pause before you can return to a partially completed survey.

Your opinions are very important and will guide our work as we, your community-owned utilities, strive to provide excellent service. The timeline to complete the survey will be limited, so please watch for it to arrive in your inbox.

What If I Don't Have an Email on File?

If you are a Utilities customer but don’t have an email on file with us, you can still take the survey. To verify that you are an electric customer, you will be required to enter a "passcode", which is your 11-digit electric account number. All surveys are anonymous and we only receive aggregate data from J.D. Power. 

Your account number can be found on your bill. Learn more about how to read your bill here »

The survey is only open when each wave is running. The first wave of the water survey will close at the end of July, but there will be another opportunity to take it later in the year. 

Take the Water Survey

What If I work in the Utility Industry?

Customers who work in the utility or market research industry are unable to complete in the survey because their responses can be biased. 

J.D. Power does not allow respondents who work in the utility industry to complete the survey as employees may rate their experience with the organization they work with very differently than non-employees. Likewise, employees of another utility company will rate the organization differently than typical employees or people not in the industry.

Market research in general tends to make these exclusions in sampling from the industry ‘experts’. Market researchers also are typically excluded as their responses will be skewed. Additionally, J.D. Power studies have awards attached to them and can’t have anything that may bias the results.

If you work in the utility or market research industry and you receive a request to take the survey, you can click the link and start the survey. After you answer the industry question, you will be told the survey is complete. Doing this will ensure you do not receive any reminder emails from Fort Collins Utilities asking you to take the survey.