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Energy Tips

Water in the early morning or late evening when there's less wind.

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Energy Rules!

Teaching energy standards has never been this fun and easy. Students have the opportunity to work in hands-on labs that reinforce grade-level energy standards.

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6th Grade Energy Lab >>

Learn about energy sources and energy conservation through a 16-station hands-on lab.

Students will:

  • Use their own energy to power lights
  • Learn about energy use by handling watt meters
  • Discover how electricity is generated from a mixture of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources

8th Grade Energy Lab >>

Students rotate through an active, fun and engaging 14-station lab to learn about forms of energy.

Students will:

  • Evaluate heat energy and appliance ratings using hair dryers
  • Light up the classroom and learn about energy conservation with LEP holiday lights, incandescent bulbs and compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs)

Alternative & Renewable Energy Lab (6th or 8th Grade) >>

If renewable energy is your focus, explore wind power through an inquiry lesson that will blow you away. Students become engineers who design and build their own wind turbine.

Start an Energy Team! >>

Recruit students to be energy champions that promote smart energy use in your school. Give students the opportunities to be leaders in the school and to learn more about the importance of conserving energy through actions large and small. We provide materials, ideas, activities, incentives and ongoing support.