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Electric Rebates

Cash Incentives for Energy-Saving Improvements

This program is designed to support building efficiency improvements, save money and lower electric bills. Cash incentives are provided for upgrades that reduce electric demand and energy use, including:

  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning and cooling
  • Building tune-up (retro-commissioning)
  • Motor variable frequency drives
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Building envelope (windows, insulation and roofing)
  • Kitchen, laundry and grocery equipment
  • Office equipment/IT
  • Custom projects for efficiency upgrades to your facility and operations (e.g., compressed air systems and process improvements)
  • Commercial appliances


  • Incentives must be approved before the project starts and are available until funds are expended.
  • Minimum $100 rebate to be eligible
  • Available for Fort Collins Utilities commercial electric customers.
  • Equipment must be installed at the customer's service address.
  • Incentives are based on the summer one-hour equipment peak demand savings (between 3-6 p.m. in the months of June, July and August) or annual energy savings.

Pre- and post-project measurements to verify existing conditions and projected savings may be required. This program is a collaboration between Fort Collins Utilities and Platte River Power Authority.

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