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Pedestrian Safety at Intersections & Crosswalks

Safe Walk Fort Collins is a program that involved the pedestrian safety concerns at intersections and crosswalks, as well as the safety concerns in the pedestrian transportation system. Program elements include public outreach and education, special pedestrian safety studies (for example, neighborhood walkability audits), and conducting pedestrian safety campaigns.


Title Description
Pedestrian Safety - Cover, Acknowledgement, TOC, and Executive Summary 10 pages: The executive summary includes information such as background, pedestrian safety concerns, and the Three E's (Enforcement, Engineering, and Education) that will help public awareness about walking.
630 kb
Pedestrian Safety - Introduction, Vision and Goals, Statistics, Efforts to Improve Traveling, and Codes and Design Standards

15 pages: This section identifies the problem, defines the community goals, lists crash factors, a developed design criteria and the beginning of a new program called the Safe Walk Fort Collins.

1.01 mb
Pedestrian Safety - Staff Advisory Group, Conclusion and Action Plan, and Action Plan 12 pages: This section explains what the staff develops for the plan, the conclusion, and what the current campaign includes.
681 kb
Pedestrian Safety - Appendix A, B, and C 13 pages: The section includes references, pedestrian plan improvement projects, and prioritized pedestrian capital projects and cost estimates.
547 kb