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Avery Park Neighborhood Improvements Projects

The “Renewal of Neighborhoods in a State of Change” budget offer was funded as part of the City’s 2015-2016 budgeting cycle. The total amount of the offer is $300,000 – with half coming from Light & Power and half from the Social Sustainability Department. Of the total funding, half is expected to be spent on projects in 2015, and the other half will be spent in 2016.

Neighborhood Identification

In 2015, the Avery Park Neighborhood was selected as a focus area due to the work and input received through the West Central Area Plan update, was determined to be a neighborhood with needs for revitalization with a lower income than the city as a whole (less than 50% AMI based on census data), considered in a “state of change” for some time, and already had a planned Light & Power project occurring so funding could be leveraged.

Project Identification

An internal staff group was created to initially identify potential improvement projects. The team included staff from Social Sustainability, Light & Power, Engineering, Planning, Neighborhood Services, Traffic, Parks, and Stormwater departments. A neighborhood meeting was held on May 28, 2015 to gather feedback on potential projects identified by staff and to solicit ideas for other potential projects desired by neighborhood. The meeting was followed up by an online questionnaire.

Top Projects Identified (based on neighborhood meeting & questionnaire):

  • Sidewalk widening in conjunction with Light & Power project
  • Street lighting improvements
  • Park improvements
  • Traffic calming
  • Tree planting

A second neighborhood meeting was held on October 27, 2015 to discuss a number of topics, including the status of the neighborhood improvement projects.

Status of Projects (Updated January 2016)


  • Add new attached sidewalk on east side of Skyline where sidewalk was missing – Nov-Dec 2015
  • Improve existing sidewalk along east side of Skyline from the church to the park to meet ADA standards – Nov-Dec 2015
  • Widen sidewalk on Castlerock from Elizabeth to Clearview – in conjunction with Light & Power project – Nov-Dec 2015
  • Pedestrian Needs Assessment

Upgrades to Existing Street Lighting

Avery Park Improvements

  • New shelter near playground in the park – planned for summer 2016
  • Playground improvements/upgrades – planned for summer 2016 (funded by Park Maintenance Life Cycle program)
  • Pedestrian accessibility improvements – planned for summer 2016

Traffic Calming

  • Speed radar, bikeway improvements, traffic mitigation, etc.
  • In progress and funded by other programs

Tree Planting