This weekly service is provided to keep community members informed about potential development projects and policy discussions related to development review. If you would like additional information about the topics in the newsletter, please contact the Development Review Center at 970-416-2740 or Sarah Burnett, Neighborhood Development Review Liaison, at 970-224-6076. 


Neighborhood meetings provide an opportunity for developers to provide preliminary information to neighbors regarding proposed projects before they are formally submitted for review. Neighbors then have the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns about or support for the project as proposed. No neighborhood meetings are scheduled during the week of July 29; one is scheduled for the following week:

Terra Vida II Apartments, between Lady Moon Dr., Cinquefoil Land, Precision Dr., and planned extension of Le Fever Dr.
Meeting Info: 7 to 9 p.m., Council Tree Public Library Community Room, 2733 Council Tree Ave.

This is a proposed project with 276 apartments on 10.2 acres, in ten buildings plus a clubhouse, pool and picnic area. The applicant is the same developer as the existing Terra Vida Apartments located one block to the south.


Administrative/Type 1 hearings are public hearings conducted by a hearing officer. The hearing officer considers your input an important part of the development review process. Written comments are also welcome, and may be submitted in advance to the project planner, or at the hearing. One administrative hearing is scheduled during the week of July 29.

Rigden Farm Filing 17, east of Ziegler, along Haflinger Dr., William Neal Pkwy., Anika Dr., and Percussion Dr.
Hearing: Thursday, August 1, 5:00 p.m., Conference Room A, 281 N. College Ave.

This is a request to replat 52 existing single-family lots into 57 single-family lots.


Tuesday, July 30 - City Council Special Meeting and Work Session
Following an executive session that starts at 6 p.m., in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Ave., City Council will hold a work session on retail marijuana.

Tuesday, July 30 - Urban Renewal Authority Work Session
Following the City Council work session, the URA Board will hold a work session to discuss policies related to URA public financing, and policies related to energy efficiency requirements and recycling/reuse of demolition and construction waste materials.

The agenda for each meeting will be available in the afternoon on the Thursday prior to the meeting. A list of planned topics to be addressed by City Council and the Urban Renewal Authority Board in the next six months is available at


Thursday, July 25 - Regular Meeting
The Building Review Board (BRB) is charged with the responsibility to hear appeals and requests for variances related to City building codes and contractor licensing regulations The BRB typically meets the last Thursday of every month at 1 p.m. in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Ave. Agendas and past meeting minutes are available at


Upcoming - Thursday, August 8 - Regular Meeting
At 6 p.m., the Planning and Zoning Board will conduct a regular meeting in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Ave. The agenda and hearing packets will be available closer to the meeting date. The Planning and Zoning Board encourage your input; interested persons are encouraged to attend and provide their comments. Please note: the Board now meets on the second Thursday of each month; an additional meeting may occasionally be scheduled on the third Thursday when needed.

Friday, August 2 - Work Session
From noon to 5 p.m., in Conference Room A at 281 N. College Ave., the Board will hold a work session.

Please contact the Development Review Center at 970-221-6750 for further information. More information, including meeting agendas and materials as well as past meeting minutes, may be found at


Next Meeting - Thursday, August 8
The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has the authority to approve variances from the requirements in the Land Use Code. The Zoning Board of Appeals meets on the second Thursday of every month from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. in Council Chambers (300 Laporte Ave.). Agendas and past meeting minutes are available at


Next Hearing - Wednesday, August 14
The Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) conducts hearings on the second Wednesday of each month and holds work sessions on the fourth Wednesday of each month. For additional information, contact Karen McWilliams ( or Josh Weinberg ( or call 970-221-6206. Agendas and past minutes are available at More information on historic review is available at


This section typically includes Project Development Plans (PDPs), Overall Development Plans (ODPs), Major Amendments (MJAs), and proposals for annexations, rezonings, and additions of permitted uses that were submitted in the past week. These projects will be reviewed at public hearings after staff review is completed. Information regarding all current proposals is available in an interactive table of Development Proposals Under Review, or by calling the Development Review Center at 970-221-6750. The most recent applications appear at the top of the table.

  • 637 Cowan St. (new combined Project Development Plan/Final Development Plan submittal).
    Request to split an existing 10,990 square foot single family lot into two separate lots. An 1,800 square foot house would be built on each of the new lots; the existing single family house would be demolished.

  • 218 W. Laurel Apartments (new combined Project Development Plan/Final Development Plan submittal).
    Request for construction of a new multi-family rental project with approximately five dwelling units. The existing single family house would demolished.

Final Development Plans (FDPs) are submitted following approval of Project Development Plans or Major Amendments at public hearings, and are reviewed by staff for consistency with the approved Project Development Plan or Major Amendment. Final plan applications were recently received for:

  • Carriage House Apartments, 1305/1319 S. Shields St. (final plan resubmittal)


  • Lakeview Subdivision - Request for Modification of Standard, 2700 S. Lemay Ave. (east of Christ Center Community Church)
    This is a stand-alone request, specific to this site only, for a modification of standard to the Low Density Residential District (R-L) density standards for a proposed single family development. The standard requires a minimum lot area of 3 times the floor area of the building, but not less than 6,000 square feet; the requested modification requires a minimum lot area of 1.75 times the floor area of the building, but not less than 6,000 square feet. This would allow construction of homes in the range of 2,100 to 3,220 square feet, instead of the 2,000 square feet that would otherwise be the maximum allowed for the planned 6,000 square foot lots.

    Approved with conditions on July 24 following an Administrative/Type 1 hearing. The applicant will need to submit a Project Development Plan for the project within 1 year of the decision; otherwise the modification shall expire.

  • Magnum Motors of Loveland Project Development Plan/Final Plan, 5900 S. College Ave.
    Change of use from a convenience store with fuel sales to an automobile dealership, utilizing the existing 7,007 square foot building and 690 square foot outbuilding.

    Approved on July 18 following a Planning and Zoning Board/Type 2 hearing.

  • Crowne on Timberline Project Development Plan, 6111 S. Timberline Rd.
    Multi-family complex with 285 dwelling units containing 467 bedrooms, and 25 single-family attached units with 75 bedrooms on a 12-acre site.

    Approved on July 18 following a Planning and Zoning Board/Type 2 hearing.

  • Harvest Park/Ziegler Project Development Plan, west side of Ziegler Rd., south of the intersection of Saber Cat Dr. and County Fair Ln. extended
    Multi-family development with 22 dwelling units on 2.71 acres. Proposal included a modification of standard to allow a decreased front yard setback along County Fair Lane.

    Approved on July 16 following an Administrative/Type 1 hearing.

  • 429 South Whitcomb Street Carriage House Project Development Plan, 429 S. Whitcomb St.
    Two-story carriage house on an 11,186 square foot lot also containing a single-family detached home.
    Approved on July 16 following an Administrive/Type 1 hearing.

The deadline to file an appeal is 14 calendar days after the decision of the board, commission, or other decision maker.


    More information on current development proposals is available online than ever before. Check out the searchable and sortable table of development proposals under review to find information on formally submitted proposals - you can search for a proposal by the sign number on a "Development Proposal Under Review" sign, by a keyword search including any part of the project name, street name or number, and more.


    Conceptual reviews are the first step in the review process, where applicants can determine the feasibility of a possible project. Some projects will move forward into the formal development review process; others will not.

    Preliminary conceptual plans and staff comment letters for all conceptual reviews are available at, under the "Agendas and Proposal Info" heading.


    Have you checked out the City’s new Citizen's Role in Development Review flowchart and guide? These tools are an empowering resource to explain a citizen's role in Development Review. We hope this guide will aid you in making the process easier to understand and enable you to participate. Questions? Please contact Sarah Burnett, Neighborhood Development Review Liaison, at 970-224-6076 or


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