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Safe Routes to School

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Safe Routes to School Trip Tracker

The City's Safe Routes to School and FC Bikes programs are partnering to pilot-test a fun new "trip tracker" program at four local PSD schools. Dubbed "Safe Routes Trip Tracker," the program uses a radio frequency identification (RFID) system to automatically count students who bike, walk or take the bus to school.

Parents simply sign up their student on the designated web page for their school, get their Safe Routes Trip Tracker RFID card and walk past the Trip Tracker RFID pole at their school on days that they traveled to school using active transportation. Once enrolled, both parents and students can begin tracking trips! Students can track their miles, calories spent, money saved and carbon reduction. No one can directly see each other's information, but everyone can use their school's Safe Routes Trip Tracker web page to follow their school's efforts to promote student health and reduce students' carbon footprint through active transportation.

Each school will have its own customized incentive program for logging Trip Tracker trips. The more trips logged, the better the chance for fun prizes and recognition, whether it be for individual students, classes or the entire school!

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