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Restorative Justice Services

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Mission Statement


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pic This young artist shows the ripple (or echo) effect of theft.
  • To provide an array of restorative models for those most directly affected by crime: the victim, the offender, their families, and the representatives of all affected communities;
  • To strengthen public safety through community building;
  • To invite community participation in the justice process;
  • To reduce the number of first-time offenders appearing in Municipal and District Courts;
  • To promote Restorative Justice principles throughout the community;
  • To provide Restorative Justice options for those communities for whom English is a second language;
  • To provide ongoing competency based skill development and support for current volunteers;
  • To actively recruit volunteers from under-represented populations;
  • To provide a resource center for articles, research reports, training and materials on Restorative Justice policies and practices.
  • To maximize interagency cooperation and coordination in promoting restorative practices (including but not limited to Police Services, School Districts, the Juvenile Justice system);
  • To design community-specific Restorative Justice initiatives and practices to address identified needs in the community.
  • To deliver community education seminars for diverse audiences;
  • To use all of the above stated initiatives to provide a community-wide process for acknowledging and addressing crime as a violation of people and trust within a community and achieving justice that repairs the harm and restores relationships affected by that crime.
  • To acknowledge and support "community building" through restorative and peace circles as a proactive approach to crime prevention.