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The Compost Worm Exchange!

City of Fort Collins Image The Worm Man (of "Wormbulance" fame) from Garbage Busters in cooperation with the Environmental Services Department introduces the Compost Worm Exchange; a year round, email-based service that uses Yahoo! Groups.

Do you have or need:
  • compost worms?
  • advice on vermicomposting?

How To Use the Exchange

1. Visit the Compost Worm Exchange Yahoo! Group

2. Click the "sign up" link.

If you already have a Yahoo! login, simply sign in. If you don't have a login, fill out the online form to obtain a login. Registration is required to reduce spam.

3. Read the Guidelines

View the Group Description to learn how to compose and post your "Compost Worms Wanted" or "Compost Worms Available" message.

*The Compost Worm Exchange is a barter system intended for those looking to give worms away. For sale posts will not be allowed.