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Arts & Crafts

We offer a variety of classes in arts, crafts and pottery for all ages. Learn how to watercolor or woodwork or let your child develop their creative side! Our affordable classes are spread throughout the community, so there is bound to be a place that is convenient for you.


Register for Programs Online

To register for the programs below, visit our online database and search for the class to register. You can also call 970-221-6655 to register over the phone. Additional Arts & Crafts programs can be found in the Recreator. Pick up a copy of the Recreator at any Recreation Facility or view the online version here

Degas: Paint, Dance, Travel

Spotlight image: Degas: Paint, Dance, Travel

Edgar Degas (1834-1917) was a French artist well-known for his work featuring dancers. Recreation is hosting a number of programs honoring Degas' work. Dance, paint, and travel with us to learn more about the work by Degas.

Denver Art Museum: Degas, A passion for perfection
February 13, 2018
Ages: 50 years & up
Journey with Trips & Travel to the Degas exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. More than 100 pieces of art, including sculptures, paintings, etchings, and monotypes are on display. To register, click here.

Degas Dancers
February 7, 2018
Use work from Degas as inspiration to create your own art.
Ages 3-5 years register here.
Ages 6-12 years register here.


Spotlight image: Painting

Acyclic Painting, Beginning
Date: Variety of dates available
Location: Senior Center
Age: 18+ years

Learn the basics of preparing a canvas, starting techniques, drawing, color, values, and composition. Class is designed for those who have never painted before or those who would like to expand on their emerging skills. Register here

Porcelain Painting, Beginning
Date: Variety of dates available
Location: Senior Center
Age: 18+ years

Learn proper painting techniques using oils, thinners, wiping tools, and specialty brushes. Register here

Fiber Arts

Spotlight image: Fiber Arts

Felting, Needle Style
Date: Saturday  l  9 a.m.-noon
Location: Senior Center
Age: 14+ years
Cost: $28

Create colorful handcrafted soft sculptures while learning the needle technique method on wool. Choose the date or theme you'd like to participate in and register here

  • Holiday Angels, 12/9
  • Birds, 1/13
  • Valentine Princess & the Frog, 2/10


Spotlight image: Jewelry

Jewelry, Beginning
Date: Tuesdays, January 9-February 20  l  6-8 p.m.
Location: Senior Center
Age: 18+ years
Cost: $98

Learn how to use basic jewelery tools while maintaining proper techniques for polishing and finishing. Register here

Jewelry, Lapidary
Date: Tuesdays, January 9-February 20  l  4-6 p.m.
Location: Senior Center
Age: 18+ years
Cost: $103

Take your jewelry making to the next step with stone work. Learn the processes used for rock and gem stone cutting and grinding, as well as best practices for including stone in jewelry construction. Register here.


Spotlight image: Woodworking

Woodworking, Beginning
Date: Wednesdays, January 17-February 28  l  7-9 p.m.
Location: Senior Center
Age: 18+ years
Cost: $107

While using woodworking tools, learn their proper setup and maintenance, gain knowledge of wood skills, materials, and finishes needed to work independently. Register here.