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City of Fort Collins Park Rangers

The Park Ranger Program

In 2013 the City of Fort Collins Parks Department launched the Park Ranger program. The park rangers monitor and protect 939 acres of developed park land including 7 community parks and 49 neighborhood and pocket parks. The Park Rangers also cover over 39 miles of recreational trails that connect our community.

Park Rangers focus on safety, service and stewardship of our parks and paved trail system. Rangers provide education and information on park policies and laws. These policies and laws were created to provide a safe, clean and enjoyable experience for all park visitors and trail users.

Park Ranger Priorities

  • Safety of Parks and Trails
  • Providing Exceptional Service
  • Stewardship of Parks and Trails

Did you know that you can receive a ticket and a fine of up to $100 for not disposing your pet's waste? Help keep our trails and parks clean, pick up your pet's waste.