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Set Up Residential Permit Parking in Your Neighborhood

The Residential Parking Permit Program (RP3) is voluntary and is only established in neighborhoods where residents request the program and there is a measurable parking problem. RP3’s may be created in neighborhoods where at least 70% of the total spaces are occupied. The City’s decision about whether to grant residents’ requests for parking permits will be made after a parking evaluation of that neighborhood is completed.

The following steps will be followed before a RP3 can be implemented:

  • Submit petition:  A petition endorsed by ten (10) of the affected households must be submitted to Parking Services.   The petition can be obtained from Parking Services or by downloaded from the City of Fort Collins website at  Completed petitions are to be turned in to Parking Services.
  • Conduct parking occupancy study: City verifies that a parking problem exists.
  • Establish boundaries: City defines boundaries and other characteristics of the program for the neighborhood.
  • Hold public meeting: The City sets up a public meeting for all owners, residents and businesses in the area in order to discuss program details and to solicit feedback.
  • Voting on program: Only owners of property within the proposed boundary are eligible to vote.   Each owner will receive one (1) vote, regardless of the number of housing units owned.
  • Program information is sent to all residents and owners within the proposed permit boundary.  The owner mailing will include a ballot for voting in favor or against the program.

Program enactment: A minimum of 50% of eligible voters/owners must participate for the vote to be valid. 

  • If more than 50% plus one (1) of residents are in favor of the program, then the implementation process will begin. The City will begin setting up the program including installing signs and processing requests for parking permits.