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How the RP3 Works

A residential parking permit exempts a resident’s vehicle from the posted, on-street parking restriction in the neighborhood in which the vehicle owner resides. While having a residential parking permit doesn’t guarantee you a parking space, it does mean you don’t have to worry about time limits.

RP3’s may be created in neighborhoods where over 50 percent of the responding residents are in favor of the program. The City’s decision about whether to grant residents’ requests for parking permits will be made after a parking evaluation of that neighborhood is completed. The following steps will be followed before an RP3 can be implemented:

  1. Citizen contacts Parking Services about their neighborhood parking problem.
  2. City verifies if a parking problem exists.
  3. City defines boundaries and other characteristics of the program for the neighborhood.
  4. The City contacts residents to give them the opportunity for input and to indicate if the program will work in their neighborhood.
  5. If more than 50% of responding residents are in favor of the program, then the implementation process will begin.