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Departments Natural Areas Other Land & Bldg Supplies
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Materials for NIC Sign Mo Sep-29-2017 $4.98
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Flagging Materials Sep-29-2017 $31.90
SAFEWAY STORE 00008763 Snacks for NIC Open House Sep-29-2017 $17.44
JO-ANN STORE #2228 Stencils for NIC Events: Sep-29-2017 $12.45
CSU PARKING SERVICES PAY CSU Parking Sep-29-2017 $1.00
CSU BOOKSTORE Materials for NIC Sign Mo Sep-29-2017 $3.16
EWING IRRIGATION PRD 49 Irrigation Supplies for N Aug-31-2017 $5.00
Total (of all records): $ 75.93