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Departments Parks Postage & Freight Services
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
LEONARDS MAIL CO Mailing for Forestry Oct-31-2017 $27.07
THE UPS STORE 1565 ship spare pool controlle Jul-31-2017 $28.48
USPS.COM STAMP FLMNT SVCS Stamps Jun-30-2017 $9.80
USPS.COM POSTAL STORE Stamps May-31-2017 $20.85
THE UPS STORE 1565 ship pond compressor for Apr-28-2017 $36.44
USPS PO 0731700197 Return motherboard for si Mar-31-2017 $6.65
FEDEX 785462492525 shipped safety video back Mar-31-2017 $9.69
LEONARDS MAIL CO Mailing helmet Mar-31-2017 $18.23
FEDEXOFFICE 00016022 returning safety video fo Feb-28-2017 $2.99
RELAY MAIL & GIFTS shipped clothing back to Feb-28-2017 $13.51
USPS PO 0731700197 Mail Ltr-Finger, Beth Dec-29-2016 $3.77
USPS PO 0731700197 Mail Ltr-Finger, Beth Dec-29-2016 $6.45
USPS POSTAL ST66100207 Stamps Dec-29-2016 $20.05
THE UPS STORE 1565 ship core part weather st Sep-30-2016 $14.30
BECKER ARENA PRODUC Freight for Hockey nets a Aug-29-2016 $26.91
USPS 07317095520304770 postage Jul-31-2016 $3.25
USPS POSTAL ST66100207 Stamps Jun-30-2016 $38.85
USPS 07317001930307086 stamps May-31-2016 $49.00
FEDEX 782616428638 shipping charges Apr-29-2016 $61.02
USPS POSTAL ST66100207 STAMPS Feb-29-2016 $30.70
FEDEX 782037912612 Overnight to Vendor Jan-28-2016 $43.00
USPS POSTAL ST66100207 stamps Jan-28-2016 $19.92
THE UPS STORE 1565 shipping for soil samples Dec-29-2015 $56.84
Total (of all records): $ 547.77