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Departments Cultural Services Other Supplies
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount Erroneous charge for Moto Oct-31-2017 $193.04
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS Supplies for lobby pre-sh Oct-31-2017 $67.31
SQ *FINISHING TOUCH Concierge Desk Arrangemen Oct-31-2017 $80.00
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Key copies Oct-31-2017 $1.89
CINTAS 60A SAP First Aid Kit Restocks - Oct-31-2017 $143.07 Subscriber table chocolat Oct-31-2017 $131.32
AMZ* Credit for 9/21 erroneous Oct-31-2017 $-193.04
[P.O. # 1709322]
ENTER TO WINS SHEETS Oct-03-2017 $115.00
SQ *FINISHING TOUCH Desk Arrangement Sep-29-2017 $120.00
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Clamps Sep-29-2017 $9.98
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE supplies for CCC (hand so Sep-29-2017 $13.70
CINTAS 60A SAP First Aid Kit Restock - O Sep-29-2017 $144.63
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE popup tent cord / Jack NW Sep-29-2017 $5.99
[P.O. # 1708484]
TRAFFIC SIGN Sep-11-2017 $21.46
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 APP Supplies - safety ves Aug-31-2017 $10.98
OFFICE DEPOT #1080 Power adapters for new sc Aug-31-2017 $53.34
KING SOOPERS #0099 Misc. supplies/bungees, c Aug-31-2017 $38.85
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 MT supplies / paint & su Aug-31-2017 $159.67
CINTAS 60A SAP First Aid Restocking - OT Aug-31-2017 $80.96 Mobile scanners - Android Aug-31-2017 $2,327.00
ALL SPORTS TROPHIES Name plate for Giustina R Aug-31-2017 $15.50
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS Season packaging supplies Aug-31-2017 $13.82
[P.O. # 1707200]
BARCODE SCANNERS / CASES Aug-01-2017 $4,625.75
AMERICANS FOR THE ARTS 2 Econ Impact brochures for Jul-31-2017 $54.05
DIAMOND VOGEL PAINT #745 CCC Paint supplies Jul-31-2017 $14.51
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS Chocolates for subscripti Jun-30-2017 $21.47
ALL SPORTS TROPHIES Name plate for Sean Palme Jun-30-2017 $15.50
WALMART.COM 8009666546 Blind for Vincent's offic Jun-30-2017 $34.80
TIPS/HEALTH COMMUNICATION 701700.559999 (TIPS train Jun-30-2017 $16.01
ALL SPORTS TROPHIES Name plates for office an May-31-2017 $41.00
KING SOOPERS #0009 Subscriber Table Chocolat May-31-2017 $26.92
ALL SPORTS TROPHIES 2 Staff Name Badges May-31-2017 $18.00
ALL SPORTS TROPHIES Name plates for office an May-31-2017 $38.00
OFFICEMAX/OFFICEDEPOT6399 Poster strips Apr-28-2017 $4.79
ALL SPORTS TROPHIES Namebadge for New House M Mar-31-2017 $10.00
WM SUPERCENTER #2729 TECH (mostly) Break room Mar-31-2017 $3.52
DIGITALBUYER.COM OFFICE time cards (shared Mar-31-2017 $136.50
THE RIGHT CARD Card for Wendy, and extra Mar-31-2017 $22.71
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS Chocolates for subscribes Mar-31-2017 $42.87
KING SOOPERS #0009 Chocolates for subscribes Mar-31-2017 $21.00
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 CCC/Other Supplies Mar-31-2017 $85.34
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 CCC - other supplies Mar-31-2017 $41.34
WAL-MART #2729 CCC - other supplies - cu Mar-31-2017 $23.88 Engagement Table Candy/Le Mar-31-2017 $31.98
SAFEWAY STORE00010710 subscriber table candy Feb-28-2017 $23.96
SAFEWAY STORE00010710 Subscriber Chocolates Jan-30-2017 $50.39
THE RIGHT CARD Card for leaving CRB memb Jan-30-2017 $3.59
SQ *DOWNTOWN FORT C Giftcard for leaving CRB Jan-30-2017 $51.00
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE CCC Supplies Dec-29-2016 $9.99
BEST BUY MHT 00002253 Adapters & Cables for TV Nov-30-2016 $102.95
BEST BUY MHT 00002253 TV and mount for Admin Co Nov-30-2016 $1,813.97
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE CCC- Supplies Nov-30-2016 $23.94
LEBESCH, BONNIE L   Nov-16-2016 $94.15
JERRY'S ARTARAMA CCC - exhibit supplies Oct-28-2016 $50.00
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 APP Supplies Sep-30-2016 $44.74
ROSE BRAND WIPERS OPERA FC replacement scr Sep-30-2016 $2,118.25
SHERWIN WILLIAMS 707459 Paint: $34.44 to LC galle Sep-30-2016 $34.44
NATIONAL TICKET COMPANY 50% deposit - ticket stoc Aug-29-2016 $1,518.25
NATIONAL TICKET COMPANY 50% balance - ticket stoc Aug-29-2016 $1,518.25
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Studio Tour - Equip (12.2 Jul-31-2016 $9.47
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 APP Safety Vest (APP Admi Jul-31-2016 $9.95
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE CCC/supplies Jun-30-2016 $31.72
THE RIGHT CARD Card for Jill from CRB Jun-30-2016 $3.59
OFFICEMAX/OFFICEDEPOT6399 Season Ticket Processing Jun-30-2016 $32.73
ALL SPORTS TROPHIES Nametag for Loren Scheu Jun-30-2016 $10.00
ALL SPORTS TROPHIES Nametags for BO staff Jun-30-2016 $36.00
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS Wall Mount for New Lobby Jun-30-2016 $57.98
WHOLEFDS FTC 10147 Flowers APP Event May-31-2016 $9.99
SIGNS NOW FORT COLLINS APP Event Signage May-31-2016 $57.41
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE CCC supplies/equip (door May-31-2016 $9.16
DOUGLAS FAB & MACHINE INC Office Supplies - enter t Apr-29-2016 $37.80
SHOP.COM MARKETPLACE Office Supplies-Poster ho Apr-29-2016 $219.93
SAFEWAY STORE00010710 Candy for LC Subscriber E Apr-29-2016 $42.90
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE CCC - supplies Apr-29-2016 $5.99
SHERWIN WILLIAMS #7459 CCC - supplies Apr-29-2016 $68.88
DOUGLAS FAB & MACHINE INC Office Supplies - enter t Apr-29-2016 $25.85
SAFEWAY STORE00010710 Candy for LC Subscriber E Mar-31-2016 $53.91
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS INK ribbons for timeclock Mar-31-2016 $26.94
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS Subscriber engagement tab Mar-31-2016 $37.14
TLF PAUL WOOD FLORIST APP Board Member Flowers Feb-29-2016 $44.95
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS Truffles for subscriber a Feb-29-2016 $53.98
WW GRAINGER Ear plugs Feb-29-2016 $355.50
FEDEXOFFICE 00016022   Jan-28-2016 $40.55
SIGNS NOW for LINCOLN CENTER (Venue Jan-28-2016 $46.17
WAL-MART #2729 CCC Supplies Jan-28-2016 $10.56
SQ *DOWNTOWN FORT COLLINS Gift cards for leaving CR Jan-28-2016 $52.00 HOLIDAY PARTY videos Dec-29-2015 $14.26
THE RIGHT CARD Cards for leaving CRB mem Dec-29-2015 $6.58
PROACTIVE NETWORK MANA LC Scanner Batteries-PNMC Dec-29-2015 $415.12
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Countertop/hardware to co Nov-30-2015 $21.04
Total (of all records): $ 18,397.27