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Departments Recreation Maintenance Materials
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
DIAMOND VOGEL PAINT #745 purchase PAINT #745 Oct-30-2015 $164.35
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE purchase glass panes, mai Oct-30-2015 $19.22
LAWSON PRODUCTS nuts and bolts and drill Oct-30-2015 $535.84
[P.O. # 1509737]
hardware for EPIC maintenance Nov-03-2015 $247.24
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE Waterer repairs Nov-30-2015 $15.81
JAX RANCH & HOME storefront cable ties Nov-30-2015 $41.97
FORT COLLINS PLASTICS Cover for Lights Nov-30-2015 $205.80
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Gloves for new employee f Nov-30-2015 $19.99
LAWSON PRODUCTS flashlights batteries and Nov-30-2015 $373.00
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE window glazing,pins for g Nov-30-2015 $17.97
JAX RANCH & HOME storefront cable ties Nov-30-2015 $34.47
LAWSON PRODUCTS brass fittings flashlight Jan-28-2016 $766.89
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE maintenance materials Jan-28-2016 $178.20
PONDEROSA MARKETING INC wheelbarrow/cart Jan-28-2016 $399.00
JAX RANCH & HOME animal feed/forks/buckets Jan-28-2016 $578.35
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE auto water fitting Jan-28-2016 $7.99
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE heat gun, waterer fitting Jan-28-2016 $80.13
DIAMOND VOGEL PAINT #745 paint Jan-28-2016 $320.70
JAX RANCH & HOME block heater and hose for Feb-29-2016 $90.89
THE HOME DEPOT 1512 Hydraulic oil for JD trac Feb-29-2016 $27.94
JAX RANCH & HOME Water tank de-icer Feb-29-2016 $29.99
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Insulation for electric Feb-29-2016 $33.07
LAWSON PRODUCTS nuts and bolts caution ta Feb-29-2016 $247.95
LAWSON PRODUCTS caution tape nuts and bol Mar-31-2016 $744.13
JOSEPH'S HARDWARE Oven door handle screws Mar-31-2016 $2.48
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE pesticide Mar-31-2016 $15.48
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE screws Mar-31-2016 $4.58
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Cleaning supplies for gla Apr-29-2016 $147.65
THE HOME DEPOT #1552 ceramic heater Apr-29-2016 $31.74
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 purchase fence maintenanc Apr-29-2016 $180.36
F & C DOOR CHECK & LOC Locks and Keys for EPIC Apr-29-2016 $418.26
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE outdoor waterer parts May-31-2016 $14.48
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS iPod connector cables Jun-30-2016 $26.45
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Home Depot sprayer for ic Jun-30-2016 $35.94
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Purchase THE HOME DEPOT # Jun-30-2016 $452.02
LAWSON PRODUCTS nuts and bolts zip ties Jun-30-2016 $691.92
THE POND GUY, INC. purchase pond chemicals Jul-31-2016 $100.98
[P.O. # 1607816]
2 piglets for the Farm Aug-15-2016 $150.00
[P.O. # 1607770]
hazardous waste recycling Aug-16-2016 $506.43
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 wheelbarrow tire Aug-29-2016 $34.98
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 painting supplies Aug-29-2016 $40.13
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Fastners for Bench Aug-29-2016 $2.07
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Wall Anchors Aug-29-2016 $7.49
WAL-MART #2729 Bucket for NACC Aug-29-2016 $10.47
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Kitchen cart clamps Aug-29-2016 $7.16
MCMASTER-CARR screws and ear protection Sep-30-2016 $205.96
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE painting supplies,wasp sp Sep-30-2016 $44.00
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Fence materials Oct-28-2016 $78.72
JAX RANCH & HOME zip ties for storefronts, Oct-28-2016 $95.53
JAX RANCH & HOME tractor battery charger, Oct-28-2016 $113.23
LAWSON PRODUCTS wire rope drill bits scre Oct-28-2016 $552.59
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Purchase THE HOME DEPOT # Nov-30-2016 $236.82
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Bathroom hook Nov-30-2016 $27.85
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Cart repair supplies Nov-30-2016 $4.97
4 RIVERS EQUIPMENT purchase snowblower parts Dec-29-2016 $52.89
POUDRE VALLEY COOP purchase electric waterer Dec-29-2016 $82.69
BOMGAARS #59 LOVELAND purchase electric waterer Dec-29-2016 $7.98
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE fuel pump for snowblower Jan-30-2017 $10.49
JAX RANCH & HOME gate, tarp,supplies Jan-30-2017 $512.88
4 RIVERS EQUIPMENT snowblower parts Jan-30-2017 $51.63
DAIRY SPECIALISTS STORE milker parts Jan-30-2017 $242.92
NASCO MODESTO post puller, hoof trimmer Jan-30-2017 $40.20
DIAMOND VOGEL PAINT #745 paint Jan-30-2017 $320.70
POUDRE VALLEY COOP parts for outdoor waterer Jan-30-2017 $186.88
NASCO MODESTO purchase tools for removi Feb-28-2017 $64.45
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Purchase THE HOME DEPOT # Feb-28-2017 $44.94
LAWSON PRODUCTS drill bits and hardware Feb-28-2017 $463.75
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Nuts and bolt for chair c Feb-28-2017 $2.79
TRACTOR SUPPLY CO #1940 purchase animal feed Feb-28-2017 $51.64
JAX RANCH & HOME purchase battery for snow Feb-28-2017 $47.99
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Nuts and bolt for table. Feb-28-2017 $1.43
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Nuts and bolt for table. Feb-28-2017 $0.64
HOBBY-LOBBY #0053 frame for building occupa Mar-31-2017 $6.48
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE volleyball stand maintena Mar-31-2017 $28.47
JAX RANCH & HOME purchase tractor seat and Mar-31-2017 $131.98
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 rental fee return for car Mar-31-2017 $-26.90
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 carpet cleaner rental fee Mar-31-2017 $50.00
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 shelving charger Mar-31-2017 $38.90
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Masking tape Apr-28-2017 $11.97
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Trash can maintenance Apr-28-2017 $5.20
OREILLY AUTO 00031625 grease and grease gun Apr-28-2017 $23.94
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Purchase THE HOME DEPOT # Apr-28-2017 $35.88
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 quick links waste basket Apr-28-2017 $43.66
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Washer hose May-31-2017 $14.99
THE HOME DEPOT #1512 Drill for Foothills Activ May-31-2017 $132.62
B&H PHOTO 800-606-6969 Purchase B&H PHOTO 800-60 Jun-30-2017 $11.00
LAWSON PRODUCTS wire rope pipe sealent ca Jun-30-2017 $333.74
THE HOME DEPOT #1512 purchase 2 stroke oil, lu Jun-30-2017 $22.79
CPS DISTRIBUTORS INC FOC purchase hand pump parts Jun-30-2017 $381.15
SCP LINCOLN-CONCORD 265 Pool Supplies - Safety Su Jul-31-2017 $730.84
LAWSON PRODUCTS nuts and bolts screws and Jul-31-2017 $635.64
TRACTOR SUPPLY CO #1940 fly spray, mouse bait ,sp Jul-31-2017 $110.93
TRACTOR SUPPLY CO #1940 purchase aminal wormer,ey Aug-31-2017 $59.97
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 purchase fencing pins Aug-31-2017 $4.56
MCMASTER-CARR ice paint sprayer parts a Aug-31-2017 $405.39
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 purchase fence corner pos Aug-31-2017 $26.97
[P.O. # 1708712]
netting & sewing for EPIC Sep-12-2017 $494.00
THE POND GUY, INC. pond chemicals Sep-29-2017 $102.94
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Super Glue Sep-29-2017 $7.98
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Purchase THE HOME DEPOT # Sep-29-2017 $22.45
BOMGAARS #59 LOVELAND string trimmer head Sep-29-2017 $24.95
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Wasp Killer Sep-29-2017 $1.99
LAWSON PRODUCTS drill bits and screws Sep-29-2017 $266.96
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Purchase THE HOME DEPOT # Sep-29-2017 $36.97
Total (of all records): $ 16,584.01