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Departments Accounting and Treasury Computer Hardware
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
DMI* DELL K-12/GOVT JVOSS-CHD#38626-LAPTOP Oct-28-2016 $1,313.78
DMI* DELL K-12/GOVT RSPRINGOB/CHD#56581/(6)22 May-31-2017 $989.94 Purchase Jan-28-2016 $799.98
AMAZON.COM AMZN.COM/BILL Purchase AMAZON.COM AMZN. Jan-28-2016 $399.99
DMI* DELL K-12/GOVT JVOSS-CHD#38626-LT DOCK Oct-28-2016 $87.09
DMI* DELL K-12/GOVT RSPRINGOB/CHD#56581/(3)SO May-31-2017 $78.72
DMI* DELL K-12/GOVT CHD#37056 KTORMASCHY VIDE Jul-31-2016 $67.49 CHD#46478-TLANCE-ERGONOMI Oct-28-2016 $34.95
AMAZON.COM AMZN.COM/BILL TLANCE/CHD#46478/WIRELESS Nov-30-2016 $25.99 CHD#37055-JVOSS-WRIST RES Jun-30-2016 $17.19
Total (of all records): $ 3,815.12