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Departments Social Sustainability Meals - Business, Non Travel
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
GRUBHUBLULUASIANBISTR Interview Candidates Sep-29-2017 $119.57
The Moot House Beck-Ferkiss-Business mtg Jun-30-2017 $16.51
SRI THAI RESTAURANT Beck-Ferkiss-Business mtg Jun-30-2017 $31.04
Austins Sowder-Equity & Inclus Mt Feb-28-2017 $32.23
BISETTIS ITALIAN RESTAURA Beck-Ferkiss-Habitat Mtg Jan-30-2017 $57.87
JAY'S BISTRO Beck-Ferkiss-AHB Mtg Jan-30-2017 $25.48
The Moot House Beck-Ferkiss-Mtg w/CARE H Nov-30-2016 $73.00
CAFE DE BANGKOK Beck-Ferkiss-Mtg w/CSU Aug-29-2016 $43.71
SQ *FEEDING OUR COM Sowder-Outreach FC Mtg Jul-31-2016 $40.00
BISETTIS ITALIAN RESTAURA Beck-Ferkiss-NCEA Mtg Jun-30-2016 $29.70
THE SILVER GRILL Homeward 2020 Mtg Jun-30-2016 $45.64
BISETTIS ITALIAN RESTAURA Land Trust Mtg May-31-2016 $28.63
FARMHOUSE AT JESSUP FA Beck-Ferkiss Business Mtg May-31-2016 $35.96
BISETTIS ITALIAN RESTAURA Beck-Ferkiss-AHB Mtg Mar-31-2016 $30.78
FARMHOUSE AT JESSUP FA Beck-Ferkiss-Mtg w/Martin Mar-31-2016 $51.87
The Moot House HRC Welcome Dinner Feb-29-2016 $464.00
PARAMOUNT CAFE Equity & Inclusion Mtg Feb-29-2016 $45.15
KABOB KING Sowder-Hope Housing Mtg Feb-29-2016 $45.54
BISETTIS ITALIAN RESTAURA Beck-Ferkiss & Tellez-PSD Jan-28-2016 $43.52
RACHELIS ITALIAN RESTAURA Mtg w/Longmont NS Directo Jan-28-2016 $39.90
Total (of all records): $ 1,300.10