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Departments Office of the Chief Advertising Services
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
TEMPLEPUBLI Purchase TEMPLEPUBLI Jul-31-2017 $390.00
FACEBK 53FQSCN5E2 Facebook Ads Jul-31-2017 $38.34
FACEBK C3FQSCN5E2 Facebook Ads Jul-31-2017 $61.66
SQ *DAZBOG COFFEE Chief Listening Sessions Jul-31-2017 $95.39
FACEBK KVP7PCE4U2 Facebook recruitment ad ( Jun-30-2017 $49.96
FACEBK 63MA6C64U2 Purchase FACEBK 63MA6C64U May-31-2017 $24.89
FACEBK Y3ZKCCE4U2 Purchase FACEBK Y3ZKCCE4U May-31-2017 $25.11
FACEBK 2U2U4CE4U2 Purchase FACEBK 2U2U4CE4U Apr-28-2017 $6.17
SNAP GEOFILTERS Purchase SNAP GEOFILTER Apr-28-2017 $196.12
TEMPLEPUBLI Purchase TEMPLEPUBLI Dec-29-2016 $195.00
TEMPLEPUBLI Purchase TEMPLEPUBLI Nov-30-2016 $195.00
INDEED Purchase INDEED Oct-28-2016 $250.28
DAILY CAMERA Employment Ad for Tech Su Jun-30-2016 $317.00
TEMPLEPUBLI Purchase TEMPLEPUBLI May-31-2016 $195.00
TEMPLEPUBLI Purchase TEMPLEPUBLI May-31-2016 $195.00
[P.O. # 1602768]
career/recruiting cards Mar-24-2016 $130.00
TEMPLEPUBLI employment add Dec-29-2015 $195.00
Total (of all records): $ 2,559.92