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Departments Police Information Services Meals - Business, Non Travel
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
SQ *EILEENS COOKIES food supplies for employe Dec-28-2017 $14.66
NOODLES & CO 111 Staff luncheon Dec-28-2017 $63.25
CANINO'S ITALIAN RESTAU Lunch Records Retreat Dec-28-2017 $432.00
PANERA BREAD #203079 Breakfast Records Retreat Dec-28-2017 $147.27
KRAZY KARLS PIZZA training completion recog Nov-30-2017 $49.37
THE BACK PORCH Purchase THE BACK PORCH f Oct-31-2017 $32.49
SERIOUS TEXAS BBQ VIII Lunch for Oral Board Pane Sep-29-2017 $22.00
ILLEGAL PETES interviewer meals Sep-29-2017 $31.90
CANINO'S ITALIAN RESTAU Wanda's luncheon Sep-29-2017 $141.00
FIREHOUSE SUBS #78 Lunch for staff for HDS p Sep-29-2017 $24.74
JASON'S DELI ONLINE interviewer meals Sep-29-2017 $42.99
QDOBA MEXICAN GRILL 2771 Lunch for Dayshifters for Aug-31-2017 $102.30
KRAZY KARLS PIZZA Purchase KRAZY KARLS PIZZ Aug-31-2017 $50.45
FAMOUS DAVES BBQ 3159 Purchase FAMOUS DAVES BBQ Aug-31-2017 $59.27
SERIOUS TEXAS BBQ VIII Lunch Meeting with LCSO - Aug-31-2017 $22.00
KRAZY KARLS PIZZA food for quarterly meetin Jul-31-2017 $129.19
THE SILVER GRILL lunch - PD systems interv Jul-31-2017 $47.46
JASON'S DELI ONLINE food for interviews Jul-31-2017 $55.82
PANERA BREAD #3082 E-Staff meeting Jun-30-2017 $7.20
NOODLES & CO 111 Employee Recognition Week Jun-30-2017 $65.51
HACIENDA REAL Purchase HACIENDA REAL Jun-30-2017 $73.40
PUEBLO VIEJO-FT COLLINS Work lunch Jun-30-2017 $24.85
LAMARS DONUTS 38S Mngmnt Staff Training May-31-2017 $27.32
CB AND POTTS FT COLLINS NCRCN Board lunch May-31-2017 $38.60
EAST MOON ASIAN BISTRO purchase food for intervi Apr-28-2017 $83.28
KRAZY KARLS PIZZA Purchase KRAZY KARLS PIZZ Apr-28-2017 $99.51
AUSTINS AMERICAN GRILL lunch to work through Fre Apr-28-2017 $52.95
JASON'S DELI ONLINE purchase food for intervi Apr-28-2017 $7.00
JASON'S DELI ONLINE purchase food for intervi Apr-28-2017 $40.45
JIMMY JOHNS # 641 - E Lunch PRS interview panel Apr-28-2017 $28.20
FIRST WATCH E&I 422 OEM brkfst meeting Feb-28-2017 $32.09
JIMMY JOHNS - 451 - MOTO lunch for city reps - per Jan-30-2017 $33.50
OBEES SOUP SALADS & SUBS Catch up day for Records Jan-30-2017 $60.95
AUSTINS AMERICAN GRILL Retirement lunch for MMoo Dec-29-2016 $186.40
KING SOOPERS # 0097 mentor and welcome cake Dec-29-2016 $31.46
OLD CHICAGO FT COLLINS H gift card adopt a street Dec-29-2016 $40.00
DOMINO'S 6353 CTO Phase Completion Dec-29-2016 $26.46
JASON'S DELI ONLINE Lunch for panel of dispat Nov-30-2016 $49.61
EILEENS COOKIES Going away gathering Kyle Nov-30-2016 $16.40
OBEES SOUP SALADS & SUBS Going away gathering Kyle Nov-30-2016 $43.54
KING SOOPERS # 0097 Donuts/Juice for Back up Nov-30-2016 $27.94
EAST MOON ASIAN BISTRO New employee Lunch - Mark Nov-30-2016 $30.60
FAMOUS DAVES New hire lunch Nov-30-2016 $42.65
PIZZA CASBAH Purchase PIZZA CASBAH-sta Oct-28-2016 $52.62
A CUT ABOVE BREAKFAST & D Purchase A CUT ABOVE BREA Sep-30-2016 $35.98
PAPA JOHN'S #02710 Purchase PAPA JOHN'S #027 Sep-30-2016 $47.32
FIREHOUSE SUBS #78 Purchase FIREHOUSE SUBS # Sep-30-2016 $20.25
KING SOOPERS # 0097 Purchase KING SOOPERS # 0 Sep-30-2016 $22.46
YOUNG`S CAFE Welcome lunch-new tech Aug-29-2016 $20.68
CHILI HOUSE ORIENTAL CUIS New employee to lunch Aug-29-2016 $19.22
CHARCO BROILER Welcome lunch-new mgr Aug-29-2016 $29.75
BUFFALO WILD WINGS 0335 Lunch in Denver for FBI b Jul-31-2016 $11.80
RIO GRANDE MEXICAN FORT Lunch Meeting with Michel Jul-31-2016 $36.61
THE EGG AND I REST. #301 Retirement breakfast - Ge Jul-31-2016 $450.00
JIMMY JOHNS - 641 Evidence Interviews Jun-30-2016 $65.25
SMASHBURGER #1132 PSTC training May-31-2016 $10.09
LAMARS DONUTS 38 Records Release 2 day tra May-31-2016 $43.15
PANERA BREAD #203082 Records Release Training May-31-2016 $41.75
SMASHBURGER #1132 lunch training May-31-2016 $12.01
SMASHBURGER #1132 lunch for an offsite trai May-31-2016 $12.22
JIMMY JOHN'S # 641 - E jj's for interviews Apr-29-2016 $29.25
DP DOUGH - FT COLLINS because we were busy Apr-29-2016 $28.29
BJ'S RESTAURANTS 539 Farewell lunch Apr-29-2016 $85.30
STARBUCKS #00296 FORT COL Staff meeting Apr-29-2016 $26.74
CB AND POTTS COLLINDALE Lunch meeting-NCRCN and t Apr-29-2016 $39.20
OBEES SOUP SALADS & SUBS Records catch up night Mar-31-2016 $51.28
FIREHOUSE SUBS #90 Lunch PSCS meeting Mar-31-2016 $6.93
Total (of all records): $ 4,000.74