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Departments Police Information Services Other Employee Travel
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
US AIRPORT PARKING airport parking san anton Jul-31-2017 $112.32
E 470 EXPRESS TOLLS Purchase E 470 EXPRESS TO Mar-31-2016 $39.40
E 470 EXPRESS TOLLS Express tolls for meeting Jan-28-2016 $33.90
PAYPAL *CONSOLIDATE Registration for Radio Co Mar-31-2016 $25.00
UBER US JUN03 CU2WT airport travel san antoni Jul-31-2017 $22.78
UBER US JUN08 OIDM6 airport travel san antoni Jul-31-2017 $22.27
CONOCO - ALTA CONVENIENCE gas for pool car - traini Oct-31-2017 $20.78
SAFEWAY STORE00015529 gas for pool car - train Oct-31-2017 $20.00
E 470 EXPRESS TOLLS E 470 EXPRESS TOLLS to an Jun-30-2017 $10.50
E 470 EXPRESS TOLLS toll for travel to nena c Jul-31-2017 $10.50
CSU PARKING SERVICES PAY Parking at CSU for welcom Sep-29-2017 $7.00
Total (of all records): $ 324.45