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City to Host Virtual Info sessions for Land Use Code Phase 1

Released on Friday, September 24, 2021
Contact Information
  • Shawna VanZee, Planning Associate, 970-224-6086,

The City of Fort Collins Land Use Code (LUC) regulates zoning, building design, structure use and more. Originally written in 1997, it has been updated regularly to address specific code issues. To ensure the LUC continues to support the City’s adopted goals and policies in City Plan and the Housing Strategic Plan, there will be more comprehensive updates in 2021 and beyond. Before proposing specific changes, the City would like to better understand what needs to change, and why the changes are needed.

Community members are first invited to join virtual sessions about how Fort Collins has changed, what land use regulations can do, and housing capacity and choices (Spanish translation provided). These informational sessions will lead into opportunities for community dialogue later this fall..

October 4, 5:30-7pm - Register here

  • Housing and Demographic Trends: Who is the "everyone" in our housing vision? Learn about who lives in Fort Collins now, and who will likely live here in the future.

October 6, 5:30-7pm - Register here

  • Planning 101: How do we use zoning as a tool to connect us rather than divide us? Learn how land use codes evolve over time to meet community needs and goals.

October 14, 5:30-7pm - Register here

  • Housing Capacity: How do we know that we don't have enough housing? Learn why it's so hard to build the housing we need.

October 18, 5:30-7pm - Register here

  • Housing Choice: How do we build housing for our next chapter? Learn how land use regulations either create or limit housing options.

For more information, visit En español,