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City of Fort Collins facilities, programming, and Transfort closed Monday, March 15

Released on Sunday, March 14, 2021
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Update 12:45 p.m. March 15: Snow removal crews have been working continuously since Saturday, and are currently focused primarily on collector streets and responding to emergency situations. You can track the location of snow plows online at

The City will be plowing residential streets. However, due to the volume and weight of this heavy spring snow, our Streets crews have to bring in specialized equipment to remove the snow from neighborhoods so that it doesn’t block driveways. Due to those factors, specific timing for residential snow removal remains uncertain.


Due to the ongoing winter storm, City of Fort Collins offices and facilities will be closed tomorrow, Monday, March 15, and all City programming, including kids’ camps, is canceled for the day.

The closure will include services like the Timberline Recycling Center, recreation and cultural facilities, and Transfort, which will not operate on Monday due to weather conditions and snowed-in bus stops.

Gateway and Soapstone natural areas will also remain closed on Monday. Status and trail conditions for all other Natural Areas can be found at

Emergency and 24/7 services will still be open and available.

City Streets crews are continuing plow operations across the city and will continue to do so following the City’s prioritization plan.

The National Weather Service in Boulder has received reports of snowfall totals of around 20 inches or more across Larimer County, including around Fort Collins and Loveland. A Blizzard Warning remains in effect until midnight tonight.

Residents should avoid travel if possible and continue to use caution as snowfall continues overnight. If you must travel, ensure your car is prepared for winter weather and carry an emergency kit.

Drivers should always maintain a safe distance from plows – it is difficult for plow operators to see close vehicles and plows can make sudden moves. Never pass plows on a two-lane road. On a multi-lane road, plows should be passed on the left.

Following the storm, residents are reminded that shoveling snow into the street is not only illegal – it creates a hazard and negates the work of City Streets crews. Residents who need assistance with shoveling can contact Neighborhood Services’ Adopt-a-Neighbor program at or call 970-224-6046 during business hours. Residents can also volunteer to help neighbors at

The Traffic Operations Department continues to advise drivers that due to a combination of high snowfall amounts and wind, it is possible that some traffic signal heads may become blocked by the snow. At intersections where that occurs and drivers cannot tell what color the signal is showing, drivers should treat the signal as a stop sign and proceed when safe to do so.

Drivers involved in non-injury, non-drug/alcohol-related crashes may exchange information and report accidents online in lieu of waiting for a police response. Information is available at

Updates about the storm will continue be posted to the City’s social media channels.