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Timberline Recycling Center Now Accepts Batteries, Antifreeze, Motor Oil and Paint Free of Charge

Released on Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Fort Collins residents and businesses can now recycle batteries, antifreeze, motor oil, and paint at the City’s Timberline Recycling Center (TRC) at no charge. These materials are accepted year-round in the Hard-to-Recycle Materials Yard at the TRC so residents can safely dispose of them as needed.

Funds from the Utilities’ Stormwater Department are being used to offset the previous fee to recycle these hazardous materials in order to keep them out of the environment, and to protect rivers and streams.

“Everyone has these types of items at some time or another, and this new program is a convenient way for residents to recycle them safely,” said Environmental Services Director Lucinda Smith.

Residents can also bring a variety of other materials, including electronics, aggregates and yard waste, to the Hard-to-Recycle Materials Yard for a $5 entry free. Additional fees apply for electronics, yard and wood waste.

The Timberline Recycling Center is located at 1903 S. Timberline Road. The Hard-to-Recycle Materials Yard is open Tuesday–Saturday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. The everyday recyclables yard (cardboard, cans, glass, etc.) is open seven days a week during daylight hours.

Learn more information about this new program and what is accepted at