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Fort Collins Municipal Government Reaches 2020 Climate Action Plan Goal Three Years Ahead of Schedule

Released on Monday, February 4, 2019
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The City of Fort Collins, as a municipal government organization that employs over 2,000 people, has reached and exceeded its internal 2020 climate action goal of reducing carbon emissions 20% below 2005 levels three years ahead of schedule. According to the 2017 municipal carbon inventory, the City organization has reduced its greenhouse gas levels by 21% since the 2005 baseline.

The City, with its many departments and services, takes a holistic approach to Climate Action. This achievement was made possible by cleaner electricity generation, increased energy efficiency of City buildings and operational plants, waste diversion efficiencies, and favorable weather conditions. Achieving this milestone included project-specific reductions and cost-savings, such as the energy retrofits in the Downtown parking garages and installation of LEDs in streetlights. The City installs solar systems on municipal buildings, when the return on investment makes financial sense, and currently has 12 structures with solar systems. It has also steadily transitioned its fleet to more low emission and electric vehicles, recently receiving third place in the 2018 Green Fleet Award in North America.

The City aims to demonstrate to other businesses and organizations in Fort Collins that reaching carbon reduction goals is possible. The next milestone goal of 80% greenhouse gas reductions by 2030 will take innovative approaches and community collaboration.

For more information on the City’s Climate Action efforts and the Climate Action Plan, visit