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National League of Cities Names Fort Collins One of 50 Innovation Partners

Released on Friday, November 9, 2018
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The National League of Cities today highlighted Fort Collins as one of 50 communities forging bold local partnerships to expand America’s innovation economy.

Fort Collins is being recognized for its unique public-private partnership to “find, finance and fix” thousands of energy inefficient rental homes in Fort Collins through its EPIC Program. EPIC streamlines every step of the process, from energy assessment to on-bill financing and project completion, while documenting indoor air quality improvements that drive health and well-being for residents.

In October, the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge announced Fort Collins as one of nine cities receiving $1 million through a year-long competition to develop bold ideas to challenging problems. Read more about the EPIC Program.

EPIC partners include the Colorado Energy Office, Colorado State University, local efficiency contractors, banks, property owners, tenants and landlords.

Ranging from rural townships, college towns, and major metros, cities such as Fort Collins have joined with over 200 local partners and leveraged over $100 million in regional and national resources to define and address local challenges, the National League of Cities said in its announcement. Read the full announcement.