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Got Leaves? Keep Them Out of the Trash and Out of the Street

Released on Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Fort Collins residents and businesses have many options for the leaves that fall this time of year. Neighbors can connect online through the City of Fort Collins-sponsored Leaf Exchange or social media platforms to find someone who needs dry leaves.

Leaves are excellent for composting and local residents and farmers also use them for animal bedding and to insulate plants and gardens over the winter. The City’s Leaf Exchange, and other recycling options, keep leaves from going to landfills for disposal, which helps meet the community’s zero-waste and climate action goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Leaves should not be raked onto the street, which can clog storm drains, and citations may be issued.

Leaves can also be recycled by local businesses or through the Larimer County Landfill, which began a green waste program this year. Details can be found on the City’s A to Z list.