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Fort Collins Police Continue to Request Assistance in Locating Missing Endangered Adult

This press release was posted 1,198 days ago and may contain inaccurate information.
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    George Gosden
Fort Collins Police continue to search for Mr. George Gosden, a 64 year old male, who was reported missing by his family on July 5, 2014. Mr. Gosden suffers from dementia and appears to have wandered away from his home.

Mr. Gosden is in good physical health and condition and he frequently walks for long periods of time. Because of his condition and habit of walking, investigators believe Mr. Gosden could be a significant distance from his home. Fort Collins Police are requesting that residents of Fort Collins and surrounding communities be on the lookout for Mr. Gosden.

Based on Mr. Gosden’s preferences and habits, investigators believe Mr. Gosden will be most comfortable in an outdoor environment. If you are in a natural area, wilderness area, or open space within 50 miles of Fort Collins, please be on the lookout for Mr. Gosden. Also, if you are returning home from a weekend away, or if you have not recently checked your residence, please check your home, yard, and any outbuildings where Mr. Gosden could be present. If you locate Mr. Gosden, contact your local law enforcement agency or Fort Collins Police Services.

Mr. Gosden is a white male with brown hair who is six feet tall and weighs approximately 190lbs. Mr. Gosden was last seen wearing a white shirt, gray pajama pants, and black shoes. Mr. Gosden wears a Medic-Alert bracelet which will assist in identifying him. A photograph of Mr. Gosden is attached.

If you have information which might assist in locating Mr. Gosden, please contact Fort Collins Police Services at 970-221-6540. Detective Jim Lenderts is the lead investigator in the case.