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Fort Collins Utilities Observes National Drinking Water Week, May 4-10

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The safety, quality and reliability of local drinking water are priorities for Fort Collins Utilities. Drinking Water Week, May 4-10, provides the opportunity to recognize the vital role water plays in our daily lives and to thank the many behind-the-scenes employees who work year-round to ensure our community’s water remains safe, tastes good and is available when needed.

Drinking Water Week highlights the importance of a safe, reliable water supply to our overall quality of life—from public health protection and fire suppression to the critical role it plays in supporting the economy.

This year will bring many challenges to Utilities as staff continues to address water quality issues associated with the forest fires of 2012 and September’s floods. Despite these concerns, Utilities remains committed to its mission of providing safe, reliable and affordable drinking water to the community.

In recognition of its high-quality water, Utilities has received the Directors Award of Recognition from the Partnership for Safe Water every year since 1999, a direct result of plant operations and maintenance workers who make local drinking water quality our mission. The Partnership is a voluntary program that encourages members to increase water quality and safety standards and provide drinking water that surpasses federal requirements.

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