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Citizen Input Sought on the Naming of “New Vine”

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City of Fort Collins ImageY2xldmluZ3N0b25AZmNnb3YuY29t alt="image for press release Citizen Input Sought on the Naming of “New Vine”" class="pull-left img-responsive img-thumbnail" style="margin:0 20px 20px 0" /> Fort Collins’ Planning Services invites you to be part of the process in naming our City’s newest arterial street. Join us at an Open House on Tuesday, April 1, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Streets Facility Training Room, 625 Ninth Street to provide input and submit your street name ideas.

A new arterial street, currently referred to as “New Vine,” is planned approximately a quarter mile north of the existing East Vine Drive. Beginning at College Avenue, the new roadway will travel east past Lemay Avenue and Timberline Road before joining the existing Vine Drive. A segment of the new road is currently under construction, and the City is seeking input to name this new roadway.

The City has a designated list of approved new road names with local geographical, historical or cultural relevance and in accordance with street naming and numbering policy. As New Vine will be an arterial street, the new name can only be selected by City Council from either this previously approved list or any name they may determine as appropriate. The City seeks to also compile a list from community input and ideas to be forwarded to City Council for consideration.

“Being part of the process of naming a street in your city is a unique opportunity,” said City Planner Courtney Levingston. “We’re excited to see what ideas our citizens come up with in addition to our approved list.”

The community is encouraged to attend the open house to learn about “New Vine,” the City’s street naming process, review names on the existing street name list, provide input on the names on the approved list, and submit their own ideas. If you are unable to attend, ideas can also be submitted electronically at the project website,

Beginning April 12, individuals can participate in an online survey to narrow down the top street name choices to be presented for selection by City Council.

For more information on the naming of “New Vine,” please visit