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Flood Risks Increased Due to Recent Rains

This press release was posted 1,500 days ago and may contain inaccurate information.
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Fort Collins experienced moderate to heavy rainfall resulting in localized minor flooding issues Wednesday night, while many communities, including Boulder were greatly impacted.

Today, the National Weather Service has predicted rainfall rates of up to 2 inches per hour are possible along the Front Range, including Fort Collins. Rainfall is expected to continue through the evening. Because soils are saturated and some creeks already are flowing at elevated levels, flooding potential is increased. Many sections of the bike trails around Fort Collins are closed due to high water.

Most flood deaths occur in automobiles. Never drive your vehicle into areas where the water covers the roadway. Floodwaters are often deeper than they appear. Just 1 foot of flowing water is powerful enough to sweep vehicles off the road. Do not drive through flood water. Turn around, don’t drown.

Utilities Stormwater staff are monitoring and assessing the rainfall and flooding potential using the City’s flood warning system. Citizens can monitor rainfall and streamflow in Fort Collins, by viewing real-time gauge data at

Stormwater maintenance crews are inspecting infrastructure today and cleaning debris from inlets and detention pond outlets to keep storm runoff flowing. To report drainage problems, call 970-221-6700.

The National Weather Service is the best source for weather updates and has issued a flood warning to include Larimer County until 8:30 p.m. today. NOAA weather radios provide continuous updated weather information directly from the National Weather Service. Weather radios can be purchased at electronics and appliance stores. The following terms are commonly used by the National Weather Service:

• Watch – Severe weather is possible – be alert.
• Warning – severe weather has been reported or imminent – take precautions immediately.

Sign up at to receive emergency notifications for Larimer County on landlines, cell phones, or as text or email messages. For more information, visit call 970-221-6700 or TDD 970-224-6003.