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City Launches Fort Collins Idea Lab, an Online Community Engagement Forum

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The City of Fort Collins is excited to launch Fort Collins Idea Lab, a comprehensive community engagement website where residents can participate, communicate and collaborate with City leaders and other community members on a variety of issues.

With Idea Lab, developed by MindMixer, not only can residents share their ideas for Fort Collins, they can also support the ideas of others, expand upon them, and know that City staff will see and consider those with the most community support. The insights provided will give City leaders and project managers a sense of what the community thinks about specific topics, decisions, and discussions.

The discussion will start with topics like these:
• How connected is your neighborhood?
• What makes us bike friendly?
• What’s your big idea?

Community engagement is a priority for the City, and Idea Lab offers an alternative to the traditional City Council meeting or project open house, which not everyone has the time or ability to attend. Fort Collins Idea Lab will serve as a virtual town hall meeting, allowing individuals to share their thoughts on their own schedule.

As additional projects and initiatives begin, Idea Lab is one more method City leaders will use to gather community input and gauge public opinion.

Finally, Idea Lab will measure participation, helping to identify the topics that users find most compelling, and will provide a convenient place for participants and City staff to collaborate on ways to make Fort Collins an even better community.

Fort Collins Idea Lab is part of the City’s Public Engagement Program, which is funded through Keep Fort Collins Great sales tax revenue.

Check out Idea Lab today at