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Become a "Healthy Sustainable Homes" Volunteer

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image for press release Become a Help Families Breathe Easier: Receive FREE Training & Become a
“Healthy Sustainable Homes” Volunteer!

14 March 2012 (Fort Collins, CO). Did you know that Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors and that indoor air quality is up to 70% worse than outdoor air pollution, according to numerous studies by federal agencies such as the EPA, CDC, and HUD? Were you aware that one in four households in Fort Collins reports to have a family member with a respiratory problem, according to Air Quality surveys? So if you’ve been considering a way to help families, individuals, children, and seniors in our community improve their health, here’s a great opportunity to step up.

The City of Fort Collins organization is offering its next Healthy Sustainable Homes training program from April 3 through April 19, 2012, that will allow volunteers to conduct free, in-home air quality assessments and teach Fort Collins residents about the health risks posed by common home pollutants and what low-cost or no-cost recommendations they can implement.

Volunteers will receive 20 hours of FREE training with numerous experts in specific areas of indoor air quality pollution--from the assessment tool, communications, and behavior change, how to address mold, healthy ventilation, pests, and contaminants--to asthma and allergy triggers and green and safe cleaning solutions. Once certified as Master Home Educators, volunteers will be asked to contribute 20 hours a year towards conducting in-home assessments and community outreach.

“The Surgeon General’s Call to Action in 2009 encouraged communities to address this important indoor air quality issue,” says Mary Pat Aardrup, volunteer coordinator of the Healthy Sustainable Homes program. “We’re fortunate to live in a community where our City Council leadership approved the creation of this program explicitly to help improve the heath and thus quality of life of Fort Collins residents,” she says. “It’s been rewarding to see that the pool of volunteers we’ve been recruiting has been highly committed and grateful for the skills they’re taught by a distinguished group of air quality and sustainable behavior experts,” says Aardrup.

To learn more about the program and submit a Volunteer Application Form, visit For additional questions, please contact Mary Pat Aardrup at bXBhYXJkcnVwQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==, or at 970-416-2832. Citizens interested in having a free in-home assessment are also welcome to visit the website, or contact Mary Pat Aardrup.

The Environmental Services Department supports our community’s values and adopted policy goals by offering programs and services that improve air quality; increase recycling and solid waste diversion; and enhance the community’s overall economic, environmental, and social well being.