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Transfort August Service Changes Address Reliability

Released on Wednesday, August 14, 2019
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Once a year, the City of Fort Collins’ public transit agency, Transfort, makes improvements to its service. This years’ service changes will go into effect on August 26, 2019. These service changes considered all feedback, suggestions and comments received during Transfort’s public outreach process that started earlier this year.

Alignment changes are being made to the routes 6 and route 12 to improve service reliability. Over the past years, the routes 6 and 12 have been experiencing on-time performance issues and providing unsatisfactory service. Route 6 is only on-time 79% of the time; and route 12 is only on-time 65% of the time. These two routes account for 67% of customer complaints about late service. The changes going into effect August 26, 2019 will greatly improve service reliability and on-time performance.

Service changes include the following routes:

  • Route 5 – Time change
  • Route 6 – Alignment change
  • Route 11 – New route name
  • Route 12 - Alignment change, Time Changes
  • Route 14 – Alignment change
  • Route 16 – Alignment change, Time Changes
  • Route 19 – Time changes, Time Changes
  • Route 31 – Time changes
  • Route 92 – Time changes
  • HORN – Alignment change

For more details about Transfort services and the route changes, information is available online at: or by calling 970-221-6220.