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City Council to consider revising code violation notifications

Released on Thursday, May 31, 2018
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On June 5 City Council will consider changes to Chapter 20 of the City Code, regarding nuisance code violations. City Code Compliance staff are recommending that Council remove the requirement to provide violation notices for all code violations.

If approved, Code Compliance officers would no longer be required to issue a warning notice for every violation; instead, they could immediately issue a citation for nuisance violations when appropriate. This would give Code Compliance more flexibility to address nuisance code violations, particularly with chronically problematic properties.

If Council removes the requirement, Code Compliance will develop policies to clearly define when a citation may be issued without allowing time to correct the violation.

Education and voluntary compliance remains the primary goal for Code Compliance. The majority of code violations would still receive warning notices with time to correct the violation before a citation would be issued, as is current practice.