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Council Amends Process for Public Participation

Released on Friday, April 13, 2018
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Persons who want to display a presentation at City Council will now need to provide the content to the City Clerk at least two hours before the Council Meeting.

The new rule follows City Council adoption of updated Council meeting rules that now include procedures for citizens who use the City’s equipment during Citizen Participation or during discussion of a Council item.

If the display materials are in conjunction with a quasi-judicial proceeding, such as: appeals of board decisions, addition of permitted use applications, or protest hearings regarding redistricting or election matters, the materials must be provided to the City Clerk no later than noon of the meeting day when the item is scheduled to be considered. (If the meeting begins earlier than 6 p.m., the deadline is 4 p.m. of the business day prior to the meeting).

This new rule will aid in minimizing disruption and delay during Council meetings, and will provide an opportunity for City staff to properly manage City equipment and technology tools.

The new rules also clarify how members of the public or press may make video or audio recordings during a Council meeting. The use of small unobtrusive recording device is allowed while seated or standing at the podium speaking to Council, waiting in line to speak, or standing in the back of the room behind the audience. Larger recording equipment may be used only from the back of the room or in another location that has been designated for that purpose.