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9-1-1 Audio, Body Camera Footage Released from 10-1-17 Officer-Involved Shooting

Released on Friday, March 9, 2018
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At 4:50am on October 1, 2017, Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call from guest at the America’s Best Value Inn at 1809 N. College Avenue. The caller said he was in his room when he heard a loud noise and a hole appeared in the ceiling above him. He believed it was from a gunshot.

Three officers arrived on scene and encountered a woman in the parking lot who said she was acquainted with the man in the room from where the gunshot originated. The woman told officers that her 3-year-old daughter was in the room with a man named “George.” Officers attempted to call the room, but nobody answered. Out of concern for the child’s safety, officers approached the second-floor door and knocked. George Newman (DOB 12/03/1990) answered the door holding a sawed-off shotgun. Newman refused multiple commands to put down the gun. The lead officer fired his patrol rifle 2 times, striking Newman in the chest.

After reviewing the Critical Incident Response Team’s investigation, the District Attorney ruled that the use of lethal force was justified.

“The amount of time it would have taken for George Randall Newman to fire his sawed-off shotgun at Sergeant Gallimore, and the officers immediately behind him, could be measured in hundredths of a second. Based upon the layout of the motel room, George Randall Newman could have also fired the sawed-off shotgun at the three-year-old child in a similar amount of time.” –District Attorney Cliff Riedel

Toxicology results determined that Newman had “extremely high levels of methamphetamines” in his system at the time of his death.

On October 4, officers conducted a welfare check on Sherri Allman at her 1601 North College Ave home. Allman was found deceased inside her home. Due to the condition of her body, police investigated her death as a homicide. After a thorough investigation, detectives discovered evidence indicating that George Newman murdered Allman on September 28, 2017, attempted to burn her body, and stole her shotgun, among other personal items belonging to Ms. Allman. Detectives determined that the stolen shotgun was the same weapon that he illegally sawed off and brandished at officers on October 1.

The District Attorney determined that had he survived, George Newman would have been charged with First Degree Murder After Deliberation, First Degree Felony Murder, and First Degree Arson.

FCPS has committed to sharing body camera video of high-profile incidents once investigations and reviews have concluded. A video containing the 9-1-1 call and body camera footage from the 10-1-17 officer-involved shooting is available online at Please note that this video contains graphic content that may be disturbing to viewers.