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Additional Resources Identified for Downed Tree Branch Drop-Off

Released on Thursday, May 25, 2017
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The City's Streets facility is still open seven days a week, including Memorial Day.

Below is a list of additional resources for residents who are still responding to heavy, wet spring snow that caused tree damage throughout Fort Collins last week.

Temporary City residential drop-off sites:

The City has set up two residential drop-off sites where residents can deliver tree limbs and debris at no charge (no contractors please). Traditionally, removing damaged branches is the responsibility of the property owner or tenant; however, due to the amount of damage, the City is using emergency reserve funds to provide the residential drop-off sites for tree limbs and debris damaged in this recent storm until June 4.

From May 22, 2017 through June 4 2017, residents can bring downed branches for no charge to:

  • City Streets Facility, 625 Ninth St. (open access 7 days a week) or
  • Crushing Operations Facility, 1380 Hoffman Mill Road (7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.)

Residents in need of assistance with clean-up on private property or with moving debris should call one of the businesses listed below or 2-1-1. Individuals or organizations wishing to volunteer with storm clean-up are also encouraged to contact 2-1-1.

Private sector options for tree limb removal:

  • Licensed local arborists can provide trimming service and can haul away branches (see a list at ).
  • Gallegos Sanitation Inc. will provide a special collection service until June 17 2017 that will take yard waste, which will then be turned into mulch and used in composting or landscaping applications (scheduling is required. Learn more at ).
  • Contractors or handyman services can sometimes assist with yard cleanup.
  • Private locations where residents can drop off branches for a fee can be found on the City's recycling website .

Report a fallen tree

City crews continue working to clear roadways and the public right-of-way. To report a fallen tree limb on public property, contact the Forestry Department at 970-221-6660 or Access Fort Collins at www. .

Contact your trash hauler for curbside yard trimmings pickup

Residents also have the option to sign up for ongoing, weekly collection of yard trimmings by their trash hauler from April to November for a separate fee. Call your hauler to inquire about or sign up for this service. More information is available at .