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Museum of Discovery calls for nominations for upcoming exhibition

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  • Brent Carmack
  • Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
  • 970.221.6738;
2014 marks Fort Collins’ 150th anniversary – our Sesquicentennial – and the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is looking for your stories for an upcoming exhibition! As part of the 150th anniversary celebration, FCMoD is planning an exhibit celebrating the stories that make Fort Collins the special place it is. To do this correctly, however, we will need the community’s help.

What makes Fort Collins Fort Collins? That’s the question we’re asking you! It could be a person, a thing, an invention, an organization, an idea, an innovation, or an event. It might be little-known, famous or infamous; from before Fort Collins was a city to just yesterday. The thing that makes this a special place might be a rousing success, a resounding failure, or something whose outcome is still being decided. The only thing that matters is that it is a story of Fort Collins. FCMoD has some ideas, but we want to hear from the community.

Anyone can nominate a story and there are numerous ways to do that:
• in person at FCMoD – just visit the Local History Archive (Archive admission is always free) and complete a nomination form;
• visit our website and submit your nomination;
• connect with FCMoD representatives at community gatherings throughout the summer.

A task force made up of FCMoD staff and community members will be selecting the stories from the nominations. The winning nominators will be asked to be a part of the exhibit as well; letting them tell in their own words why they nominated the story they chose.

The FC150 exhibit will be located in the 5,000 square foot Woodward Special Exhibition Gallery and will be opening in August of 2014. FCMoD is committed to ensuring that our Museum is community focused and the FC150 exhibit will be a fun way for anyone who is interested to become a part of their Museum.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is a state-of-the-art facility designed to engage visitors in hands-on and minds-on explorations in science and culture. Opportunities for support are ongoing. Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is located at 408 Mason Court, Fort Collins. For information about the museum and opportunities for support,
please call 970-221-6738.