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City to Host Open House June 27 on Midtown Area Plan

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Within the next several years, the core of Fort Collins will be transformed with the new MAX Bus Rapid Transit system and a redeveloped Foothills Mall.

So what will the rest of Midtown look like?

The City of Fort Collins is seeking input on Midtown’s future with a public open house from 4-6:30 p.m., June 27, Youth Activity Center, 415 E. Monroe Dr. City planners want public guidance on a draft Midtown Plan that is expected to provide a cohesive design vision for public and private investment in the Midtown Corridor.

Public comments also are being accepted on the document at through July 3. The document is expected to go to City Council September 3 for approval.

The Midtown Plan area is generally defined as College Avenue between Prospect and Harmony roads, including properties just west of College, such as the Mason Corridor. The area also includes the Foothills Mall property and the new MAX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project under construction along the Mason Corridor.

Midtown is a vital part of Fort Collins for a variety of businesses and neighborhoods but has lacked a cohesive identity despite its economic importance in the community. The proposed Midtown Plan draft seeks to complement current and future investment by developing a vision and associated land use tools.

Since last August, City planners have held a series of public workshops and meetings with community and business stakeholders to identify key areas of importance for the Plan, including mobility/access, streetscapes, parks and open space, development prototypes and design guidelines.

Project goals include:

• Enhancing connectivity along and across College Avenue
• Integrating the Mason Trail and MAX (BRT) stops with other pedestrian connections
• Developing a parking strategy that supports desired densities
• Providing clear guidelines for site planning and architecture
• Developing a signage plan

The Midtown Plan also suggests short- and long-term actions that will help implement the vision and encourage new investment.

For more information about Midtown or to comment on the draft Plan, go to or contact Megan Bolin at bWJvbGluQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==.