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Air Quality Home Improvement Loans Offered by the City of Fort Collins

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image for press release Air Quality Home Improvement Loans Offered by the City of Fort Collins Did you know that your old wood stove or the absence of a radon mitigation system could be affecting your home's air quality? As temperatures fall, it's time to consider making small home improvements that ultimately help save money on energy bills and improve the air quality for local residents. The City of Fort Collins Environmental Services Department offers air quality loans to residents to help them make the following home improvements: install a radon mitigation system, upgrade a gas fireplace or wood stove, or remove an old wood stove. Loans are available at a minimum of $250 up to $3,000.

According to Environmental Planner Brian Woodruff, Our Air Quality Loan Program is simply a great way to improve residents quality of life with cleaner air in and outside their home. Not sure if you need a radon mitigation system? Stop by the Fort Collins Senior Center at 1200 Raintree Dr., or the Fort Collins Development Review Center at 281 North College Ave. and pick up either a short-term test kit at a discounted rate of $4.00, or a long-term kit for $15.00. If you find radon in your home at levels of 4 pCi/L or higher, it's time to fix the problem. For more information on the air quality program or to download a loan application, contact the Environmental Services Department at 970-221-6604 or visit