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City’s Branch Clean-Up Project Complete; Yard Waste Code Enforcement Resumes

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City of Fort Collins clean-up efforts organized in response to widespread tree damage caused by heavy, wet snowfall in October are officially complete. All areas within city limits have been served according to the phased procedure that was publicized throughout November. With the effort complete, the City’s Code Compliance inspectors will resume standard code enforcement on Monday, December 12, and begin issuing notices of violation related to branch debris.

The City of Fort Collins offered residents assistance with clean-up by providing both curbside branch pick-up and a recycling drop-off location. The City of Fort Collins assisted residents by hauling over 6,000 truck loads of branches, equaling more than 59,000 cubic yards of debris. In addition, the City’s temporary branch recycling drop-off location accepted over 21,000 cubic yards of debris hauled in by residents.

Residents that missed the opportunity to utilize the City’s clean-up support are now asked to dispose of storm debris independently. There are several locations that will accept branches for a fee:
• Hageman’s Earth Cycle, 3501 E Prospect Road, 970-221-7173
• Larimer County Landfill, 5887 S Taft Hill Road, 970-226-1101

Code Compliance inspectors have already started sending notices to residents that have placed branches in traffic lanes or on sidewalks. Beginning next week, inspectors will also send notices to residents that put branches in the street. Later in the month, inspectors will begin sending notices to residents that still have branches on their property.

For information about the City’s branch clean-up efforts, led by the Streets Department, please visit For more information about Code Compliance, please visit