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Neighborhood Services

Sustainable Neighborhoods Program#

Sustainable Neighborhoods Program

What is the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program?

This new program in Fort Collins:

  • Empowers residents to make their communities more vibrant and livable
  • Requires a one-year commitment from neighbors
  • Provides ongoing support and City resources

Sustainable Neighborhoods identifies five target areas: Air, Water, Land, Energy, and People. Participating communities use these goal areas and assistance from City staff to organize workshops, projects, and events that enhance their neighborhoods and reduce residents’ ecological footprint.

Neighborhoods earn program credits for their efforts:

60 credits qualifies the community as a “Participating Sustainable Neighborhood”
100 credits qualifies the community as an “Outstanding Sustainable Neighborhood”

Sustainable Neighborhoods Network

What types of projects could my neighborhood complete?#

What types of projects could my neighborhood complete?

 The Sustainable Neighborhoods Network is focused on projects and programs that have the potential for long-term impact and/or the potential to motivate other neighborhoods to become participants in the program. Neighborhoods will use the program’s five target areas to inspire project ideas. For ideas to help you brainstorm the types of activities your neighborhood can do, visit the Sustainable Neighborhoods Network page.

Goal and target ideas

We're interested -- How can we participate?#

Application will open March 1st. Keep checking here for updates.



Sunday, March 22, 2020 (Midnight): Completed applications are due

Wednesday, March 25, 2020: Application Review Team meets

Friday, March 27, 2020: Neighborhoods notified of acceptance/rejection

March 25 -- April 26: Schedule and hold Neighborhood Kick-Off Event

Save the date: May 2 Leadership training

Complete an application

Aplicación para el programa Sustainable Neighborhoods (vecindarios sostenible) FC#

¿Qué es el programa Sustainable Neighborhoods?

Este nuevo programa de Fort Collins

  • Empodera a los residentes para que sus comunidades sean más animadas y agradables para vivir.
  • Requiere un compromiso de un año de los vecinos.
  • Proporciona recursos de la ciudad y respaldo continuo.

Sustainable Neighborhoods identifica cinco áreas de acción: aire, agua, tierra, energía y población. Las comunidades participantes utilizan estas áreas de acción y la ayuda que ofrece el personal de la ciudad para organizar seminarios, proyectos y eventos que mejoren los vecindarios y reduzcan la huella ecológica de los residentes.

Lea o imprima la solicitud completa.

Completa una solicitud

How will applications be evaluated?#

The City will use the following criteria to score applications and select 2-4 neighborhoods for year 2020 of the program:

  • Clear interest in community sustainability through environmental, social, or economic considerations
  • Sufficient interest and commitment from residents within the community
    (Need to have more than one neighbor willing to lead projects)
  • Neighborhood demographics and location
  • Advancing equity: Participating neighborhoods will be dispersed widely throughout the City, include diverse housing types, and multicultural communities
  • Level of current neighborhood activity. It is ok if your neighborhood has not been engaged with the City or otherwise.
  • Support and approval from existing neighborhood organizations (like an HOA). If there is not an existing organization or HOA, that is ok.

If your application is approved, the City will contact you in late March. Prior to beginning work on credit-eligible projects and initiatives, your neighborhood will host a kickoff party with City support. Neighborhood leaders will be selected by your community to spearhead projects and will be trained on how to use your neighborhoods Sustainable Neighborhood website.