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Neighborhood Services

Mini Grant Ideas 2021#

2021 mini grants will focus on resilience and sustainability. How can neighbors stay connected through pandemic times? What actions can your community take now to be stronger in the future? Here are ideas to get you brainstorming with your community. Dream big and consider what could be impactful in our City.

PLEASE follow local public health guidelines as you consider your grant project.

Round 1: Resilience#

Round 1: Resilience

What does resilience look like in your community? How do neighbors care for each other as we begin to consider post-pandemic times? What skills and resources exist in your neighborhood that can be leveraged to make your connections stronger?

Ideas for mini grants focused on resilience:

  • Purchase a lawn mower and help cut lawns for neighbors near you.
  • Purchase a snow blower and help keep sidewalks safe for others.
  • Use your landscaping skills to improve community spaces with new plantings.
  • Consider creating a mini pantry or resource library.
  • Consider planning a workshop focused on mental health, climate action, resume building, or...

We are happy to hear your ideas and brainstorm more!

Round 2: Sustainability#

Round 2: Sustainability

How can your activity or project better connect neighbors? How can youth plan and participate? 

Our Sustainable Neighborhoods project ideas can help you blast off with a grant idea. Consider...

  • vehicle maintenance workshop
  • fertilizer and pesticide reduction campaign
  • hard to recycle event
  • weatherization workshop
  • helping hands network

And so much more! We are happy to help you brainstorm.