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Natural Areas Annual Report for 2004

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Revenues and Expenditures

A unique element of the Natural Areas Program’s financial transactions in 2004 was the use of Certificates of Participation (COPS) to off-set the immediate budgetary impacts of Soapstone Prairie and other regional acquisitions. COPS are long-term financing instruments issued by the Fort Collins Capital Leasing Corporation, a nonprofit corporation, for sale in the public bond markets. Through the use of COPS, the Natural Areas Program is paying off Soapstone Prairie and several other acquisitions over 15 years, thereby keeping funds available in the Natural Areas Program budget for other natural area acquisition opportunities that become available. As the financial graphs indicate, COPS represent a significant part of the program’s 2004 financial activities.

The miscellaneous portion of the revenue graph includes an $11,400 grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) to help fund the reroute and restoration of a severely eroded section of the Foothills Trail.

Not reflected in the budget graphs is the efficiency afforded the program by the donation of almost 4,000 hours of service by volunteers and the 2,837 hours of other un-paid service provided by court-ordered community service persons.

revenues and expenditures

2004 Acquisitions
Soapstone Prairie (12,500 acres)
Soapstone (Roman Property / 1,960 acres)
Bobcat Ridge (an additional 640 acres in 2004)
Andrijeski property (153 acres)
Timnath Community Separator Conservation Easement (80 acres)
Two Wellington Community Separator Conservation Easements (105 acres)
Roberts Ranch Conservation Easement (2,734 acres)
Devils Backbone (500 acres)